Season 4 Screencaps Complete

I’ve uploaded Bluray screencaps from 4.19-4.23 to the gallery and so re-capping that season is now complete.

Gallery: Home > Season 4 > Screencaptures

I have no plans to re-cap seasons 5-8 from Bluray. I didn’t enjoy those seasons enough to want to re-cap them (or even to want to buy the Blurays), so the existing HDTV screencaps will have to do. I may do some deleted scenes screencapping, or video clips of them, if there’s interest?

I now consider my work on the gallery mostly complete but I will do quolity upgrades on the existing photos if I find higher quolity versions down the line, and add any new HQ ones that aren’t up yet, but yeah, it’s mostly complete now.